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Updated: May 24, 2021

Planning the most epic one of a kind Quinceañera? Here are the trends you should include in 2021 and 2022:

01 Quince Merch

It seems like everyone has their own merch line today, so why shouldn't you? Your quince is all about you so having custom hoodies, socks, or cotton shorts designed specifically for you would be a trendy way to customize your big day. Take a page out of "Stormi World" and have a mini merch store where each guest can take a piece home as a favor and wear it for years to come.

02 Custom GIF Stickers and Filters

Creating an online experience for Gen Z is just as important as your in person experience. Plus, it's great way to incorporate your theme. You can easily hire a freelance designer or make them yourself. Let your guests know by posting it on your stories and encouraging them to use it. At the end of the night everyone will know about your quince because they saw your primas' and chambelanes' post using your custom quince filter.

03 Signature Mocktail

Having a fun mocktail will truly elevate your experience. Personalize it with your favorite flavors and a pretty garnish. It's still age appropriate but your younger guests will feel very fancy sipping from a cocktail glass. Your guests and their tastebuds will be wowed!

04 Food Stations

Okay hear us out, buffets are great but food stations are amazing! No one really remembers a standard buffet but your guests will never forget chef attended stations. They're interactive, lively, and energizes your event. Guests visit the different stations and get to try a variety of cuisines and food options. Plus, in most cases the food is made to order for the guest, instead of sitting in a chafer.

Popular chef attended stations include:

  • Taco Stand

  • Sushi Chef

  • Pasta Station

  • Raw Bar

  • Crêpes

05 Hora Loca

If you haven't experienced Hora Loca yet, you need to ASAP! Opening the dance floor to your guests can sometimes feel awkward, but not anymore. By hiring Hora Loca dancers and upgrading your DJ package to include confetti or CO2 canons you'll want to dance all night. It gets everyone on their feet and in no time your family and friends will be singing and dancing. Go out with a bang, literally!

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