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We don't go to an event without these items! Two event planners share their top favorite items for event days. As an event planner the focus is always on the big day; whether it's a wedding or convention the event is the top priority. Around here we believe that when we look and feel our best we can perform our best. So if you're planning an event make sure you give yourself a little bit of attention and set yourself up for a successful event.

Martha Perez (left) and Megan Hersom (right) owners of Valor Events based in Southwest Florida.

Martha's Must Haves:

01 Sunscreen

Being an event planner in the sunshine state means you need to take sunscreen seriously. You can spend so much time under the bright sun during setup and event execution. The Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen is my all-time favorite for the face. If you are applying makeup on top it is a beautiful primer that preps the skin for foundation and if you're skipping makeup it gives a very natural soft finish to your skin. It's also great for days when you're working in front of your screen as it helps protect against blue light too.

02 Essential Oils

Staying calm amid chaos is a sign of a good event planner. Essential oils help give an extra boost of calmness, clarity, and even energy depending on the oil you're using. The Aura Cacia oils are of great quality, easily accessible, and affordable. I reach for the relaxation kit almost daily. They're also great for unwinding after a crazy event day or diffusing while working from home for a relaxing atmosphere.

03 Steamer

When it comes to events, every planner has a pet peeve and mine is wrinkled linen. Does anyone else cringe when they see wrinkle lines in tablecloths? A portable steamer is a must on event days. Taking those extra few minutes to steam out wrinkles will give your tablescapes that elevated look. This Veodary steamer is lightweight and easy to use, plus it comes in the prettiest rose gold.

Megans Must Have's:

03 Stylish & Comfy Flats

Keep the pep in your step even after ten hours on your feet. Make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes that are supportive and sleek. I finally decided to purchase a pair of Rothy's and I instantly wanted to buy another pair (the Mary Janes are on my birthday list!). They are so easy to clean, stylish, and sustainable. I recommend going 2 sizes up, especially if you choose the point style and have wide feet.

04 Crossbody Phone Case

We can always use an extra hand and pockets for our emergency essentials. I chose Bandolier's Billie style to keep my personal items near me. The crossbody phone case is also handy for carrying small tools so I don't have run from one area to another when I need an item out of our emergency tool kit. I love this crossbody version of a fanny pack because it does not weigh my pants down and keeps my phone available to snap behind-the-scenes shots.

06 Digital Business Card

Paper business cards get lost easily, swap out for a digital business card to complete the connection on the spot. We purchased this one from Popl, but there are many options available on the market. When we want to share our info with a new contact, we do a slight tap from our phone to their phone. A page pops up on their screen with our contact information, social media links and website. They can easily see our work, follow us, or save our number on the spot, without the hassle of carrying a business card around.

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