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Meet The Value Driven Event Pros


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Martha Perez is a Bonita Springs native with over 10 years in the hospitality and events industry. This ‘type A’ creative Latina works the spreadsheets and paintbrushes. An FGCU alum with a Bachelor of Science degree in Resort & Hospitality Management with an Event Management Concentration and Minor in Management. 

She has worked in all aspects of events from production to catering and everything in between. Specializing in non-profit events, therefore no stranger to working with tight budgets. “Special events were always my passion and building a business that represents the diversity of my community while making dream celebrations a reality is my goal.” 

I am a Spicy Chip Connoisseur 

I love pretty bows

I want to give you the party you deserve

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Megan Hersom

Megan Hersom can be best described as a comforting person with a loud personality. She embodies a creative spirit with an empathetic drive to connect with others and produce distinguished events. She has a strong appreciation for diversity and is committed to learning about and respecting different cultures.

An FGCU alum with a Bachelor of Science degree in Resort & Hospitality Management with an Event Management Concentration. Her career includes roles in premiere restaurants and hotels across Naples. Going on to assist in the coordination of local corporate and special events. “I intend to elevate, not just the events I work on but the industry itself by exceeding expectations.”

I am an adventure junkie 

I love magnolias

I want to incorporate your story in your event

How can we Provide Value?

Events for Everyone


    Valor Events is an event management company based in SouthWest Florida that provides event planning, consulting, and managing services. Our goal is to give value to our clients, employees, vendors, events, and ultimately our community. Valor Events is centered around the idea that everyone should have access to professional planning services. Valor Events upholds values, or principles that define our “why” and guides how we conduct business. We truly believe that we are more than just an event management business, but that we are part of a movement seeking to redefine how people gather and celebrate the special moments of their lives.

Our Values:


Value Driven 

      It’s all in the name, Valor is Spanish for value. We offer the best value to our clients while                   upholding the highest values and principles at the heart of everything we do.  

Creative Celebrations 

      We strive to be innovative in strategy and design to offer authentic meaningful experiences

      that are like none other. Combining your style and our signature touch.

Luxury meets Practicality

      We bring a dream into reality through a cost-conscious approach.

      The celebration of a lifetime can be sensibly financed and unforgettable.

Cultural Representation 

      We aspire to celebrate diverse cultures in an honoring and non-appropriating way.

      We recognize the unique heritage and traditional customs represented in our society and

      the importance of commemorating it in our festivities. 

Ethical Practices

      We are honest, fair, and just towards our employees, clients, partners, and our community.

      Focusing our actions on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

      This is who we are and how we do business.

Sustainably Conscious 

      We advocate for the environment and attempt to utilize eco-friendly products and

      processes to reduce waste. Implementing these standards is a necessity, not a choice. 

SWFL Impact 

      We love our community, support the local economy, and champion

      the hospitality and event industry. That’s why we donate a portion of our profits to local                     organizations, to give back to the place we call home.

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