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Creating The Valor Culture

Company values outline who the company is and guides their ethical decisions. When we discussed values we knew we wanted to focus on becoming the change in the events industry and our local community. We share how and why we created the values for our event management company.

When Megan and I were creating our business we both found it important that our company had a greater purpose than just planning events. Both of us have strong personal values that guide us in our own lives and it only made sense to do the same for our business. Before we did anything, we created a list of principles that would define who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Event Planning with Purpose

It’s critical to point out that not every event business promotes their values both internally and externally as we aim to do so. We want to make it clear that the reason Valor Events exists is because of these values, if our heart and goals were not in it we wouldn’t be doing this. Our values became so important to us that we ended up naming our business Valor, which is Spanish for “value”.

Our 7 values stem from our personal experiences and the ideals held by our community. For example, as FGCU alumni, our education enforced a strong commitment towards the sustainability of Southwest Florida's ecosystem. The events industry can be very wasteful, so it is crucial for us to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our business and events. So our sixth value is dedicated to our efforts of being sustainably conscious.

We truly believe that we are more than just an event management business, but that we are part of a movement seeking to redefine how people gather and celebrate the special moments of their lives. Our values are a commitment to those we serve: our clients, the community, and of course our team itself. Every day we live by these principles and embody them in our events.

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