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The interest of cultural representation has increased over the past few years and it's no surprise that at important life celebrations people want to integrate their heritage and culture into the festivity. Below are some examples on how you can incorporate your heritage into the elements of your event.

01 Florals

Flowers are a staple in every major celebration. Incorporate a flower that has sentimental value to you and ties back to your roots. Maybe it's a plant that your grandmother had in her garden. Or going with a color scheme based on the natural environment of your region. Another idea is to use your national flower or a native flower to your country in the floral arrangements.

02 Attire

Regardless of the formality of your event your outfit compliments the decor and theme. One way to include your heritage into your outfit is by having it made by designer who is native or based in your home country. If possible, try including pieces of your grandparents or parents outfits from their celebrations into yours. Looking towards the past for inspiration? Pay homage to your ancestors or community by recreating their looks with similar garments or a modern day take. If you are incorporating traditional pieces make sure you understand the history and meaning behind the elements.

03 Place Cards

If you are looking for a creative way to tie in your heritage into your event then place cards is a great way to do so. Place cards can do more than just help guests find their seats, they can be impressionable and personable. We love utilizing materials that are common to our cultural backgrounds. Below is a tutorial on how we used corn husk, which is commonly used throughout Latin America, as a place card. We encourage you to find something that represents you.

03 Menu

Designing a menu is easier said than done. Food is one of the most important elements of an event, arguably the most. You want your guests to enjoy your food, after-all it is most likely the biggest expense of your event. When fusing your heritage into your food and beverage make sure to craft a menu that offers authentic dishes with traditional ingredients. It's great to offer crowd favorites that guests will be familiar with but don't be afraid to explore the cuisine further and serve innovative and custom items. Not sure where to start? A signature drink is a simple way of bringing in the flavors you know and love.

04 Entertainment

If you really want to put a spotlight on your culture then one of the best ways is to hire traditional entertainment. Engage your guests from the second they arrive to the last song on the dance floor with live bands, professional dancers, comedians or immersive performers. Because entertainment is crucial to the flow of the event we recommend finding bilingual entertainers to make it a more inclusive experience.

05 Favors

Time to get crafty. When it comes to favors there's one rule: It must be edible or useful. If it doesn't fit into those categories chances are your guests aren't going to care for it. Bonus points if it is both edible and useful such as our favorite, the bottled salsa. You can buy your preferred brand or go with a traditional recipe. Not a fan of the heat? Select your favorite treat wrapped in custom packaging.

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