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Before you buy that gorgeous diamond ring consider ethically sourcing it.

You may not be aware of the environmental and social effects the diamond on a ring has caused. For instance the mining of precious metals pollutes and damages the environment while the harvesting of diamonds has notoriously helped finance conflicts such as civil wars. Not to mention the exploitation that workers in the industry must endure. It may be important to a socially conscious couple that their ring be made of eco-friendly materials and conflict-free diamonds. Below are types of ethical engagement rings to consider when popping the question.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

If you're going for a brand new diamond, research different companies to understand where their diamond supply is coming from. There are many on a mission to raise ethical standards for human rights and making sustainable efforts in the mining industry. Look into their sourcing locations, mining practices, impact on the community, and influence in their industry.


If your significant other prefers a brand new diamond but doesn't want it to be mined consider a lab-created diamond. These diamonds are produced in a high-tech lab that mirrors the same natural processes to create dazzling diamonds. They have the same qualities as a natural diamond without the need for mining or harming the surrounding communities. A lab-created diamond may in some cases be more cost-effective due to its unique production factors. They also yield the most peace of mind since you are fully aware of its origins.


Reclaimed or recycled diamonds, were once loved but are now available for repurchase to create your personalized engagement ring. Ask the company if they have an appraiser history or independent gemological lab results of the diamond. If you're going this route make sure that you have done thorough research.The great thing about a new to you diamond is that there is no emotional connection so you can choose to re-design a ring and make it yours.

Handed Down

This may be an older tradition, however, generational or heirloom rings are so intimate in the connecting of two families. An heirloom ring may come from your mother, grandmother, aunt, or another close relative. A handed down ring carries so much significance and can be representative of the history and love that is being passed on. If you are a family-oriented person, this would be a romantic way to show your significant other how much you cherish them. Plus, vintage rings are coming into style.

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