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Updated: May 24, 2021

2020 was a year that brought change to our social system and especially how clients choose who they hire and supply from. Clients want to support diverse brands that bring change despite the negative forces against them.

Here are 6 characteristics that will differentiate your vendor list:

01 BIPOC Owned

By contracting with a BIPOC owned business you are supporting a better future for more diverse and local economies. These businesses get to grow and serve you more distinctly because you invest in them, instead of corporations or big-time names. The communities begin to invest within themselves creating local jobs, closing wealth gaps, and celebrating culture.

02 Woman Owned

Entrusting in services or products that are women-owned gives owners the chance to become a voice in their own community. Young entrepreneurs can look up to mentors that they can relate to. These entrepreneurs will have a chance to create a career that is more fulfilling to their passions and life path.

03 Local

When searching for locals to support, you can physically visit their art studios, farms, or place of creative space to learn more about where your service or product comes from. By consuming services from your local community, you are changing habits to benefit those around you and allow more networking in your area. If sourcing items, especially in bulk, you contribute to less packaging, reduction of fossil fuels for transportation, and saving money in shipping costs.

04 Mission & Values You Relate to

A business's mission and values tell the client the deeper meaning of how and why they operate. It is important to not only relate to the creation of the business's work but also to the change they are seeking to make in the world. Ask yourself "does the future this business wants to create and the future I want to live in align?"

05 Active Social Media

An active social media means that they are consistently creating and engaging in content for their followers. This not only means they have a large following, but that their followers are engaged with live views, likes, comments, and shares as well. This allows both sides to connect on different levels and truly begin advocacy on part of their followings behalf. The creators can use their free will to conduct business ethically for the betterment of their community.

06 Sustainability Commitment

When reviewing a company's mission and vision check to see if they have a sustainability commitment. Some aspects to discuss are, what does their commitment entail, is the progress of their efforts tracked, are they contributing to real change or offsetting their pollution, is there a sustainability report each quarter or year, are their practices reviewed by peers. By identifying these points, you search deeper than the commitment of a promise by searching for the proof of their solutions.

In order to discover these characteristics start to follow some vendors on social media that you have seen or felt drawn to. If you feel your values align with the company contact them for a call or video chat. By interacting with them one-on-one you will feel their vibe and decide if they are the right fit for you and your event!


Please remember that these businesses give their all to serve their clients and each one of you personally means so much to them. Have patience for the meaningful relationship being built through business and the amazing service or product you deserve!


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