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In todays world catching someone's eye is not enough. Consumers want to feel a part of your brand. Whether you're launching a new product or expanding to a new market, you need to build a connection with potential customers. Hosting a branded event is a great way to introduce others to your business.

01 Connect with Customers

Experiential marketing is a technique used to build a connection with new and existing customers through engagement. This can be achieved through branded events, both live and digitally. Perhaps you're rolling out a new summer collection, host a pop-up shop at a local ice cream shop and create a limited edition flavor. Interacting with customers in this exciting way increases awareness and keeps you relevant.

Tip: Capitalize on exclusivity. Whether your event has limited dates, quantities, or tickets available people will be more inclined to attend.

02 Draw People In

An interactive event allows you to bring your brand to life in a playful way. In the age of aesthetics there is one rule; it's gotta be "instagrammable". Typically, this entails transforming a space to look and feel like your brand. The more creative and immersive, the more attractive it is for people to flock to. You've now not only caught someones eye, you have their full attention.

Tip: A photo-op is a must. This is the wow factor that thousands of people will see.

03 Create Buzz

It's all about content, from traditional to social media everyone is on the look out for something to post. If you design an aesthetically pleasing space that allows for multiple photo opportunity areas, the people will come. Now you're not the only one posting about your business. Journalists, influencers, and customers are sharing to their countless followers across all platforms and in no time everyone will know about who you are and coming to buy from you.

Tip: Enlist people who align with your brand and have a genuine interest in it to promote on their social media.

04 Collaboration Opportunity

Branded events allow you the opportunity to collaborate with people within your industry and those totally outside. The idea is to create a win-win scenario where both brands benefit. If a bakery partners up with an influencer to do a cake decorating class, the influencer gets to connect with fans while the bakery hosts the event to promote their cake decorating classes.

Tip: The most exciting collaborations are when unrelated brands come together to create a limited edition product or an exclusive experience.

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